Happy New Year! by atelle (January 1 2024)
  • Happy New Year from The NorHood Team

NorHood 10 years! by crypt3r (February 15 2022)
  • NorHood is now 10 years old (2012 - 2022). It's been great, and I look forward to another 10 great years.

Server Patched! by crypt3r (December 11 2021)

Server converted to Anarchy! by crypt3r (August 4 2021)
  • The NorHood Minecraft Server have been removed, and relaunched as a Anarchy server. This means there are no longer any rules, and no bans. Do what ever you want!

    + No Admins

    + No Rules

    + No Bans

    + All Hacking Allowed

    + No Map Reset, Ever

Server Online! by crypt3r (June 4 2021)
  • A bug in the system made the server go offline for a while. The issue is fixed, and the server is back up.

Unlimited map on Survival! by crypt3r (February 13 2021)
  • The survival map is now unlimited, both the overworld and nether / the end. This will make exploring much more fun, and it will be easier to build secure bases. Map is still the same. This will also allow new chunks from the upcoming 1.17 update.

Server re-built by crypt3r (February 5 2021)
  • The server has been divided into 4 servers that are running simultaneous as one server under the same IP, This will allow us to expand the server as needed, and protect the server from lag-spikes. No maps have been reset.

Server Map by crypt3r (February 1 2021)
  • The server map is a 30,000 x 30,000 blocks circle that will expand as needed. We are working on generating the whole map within this circle to prevent broken biomes when new biomes are added, but it takes a while. The map is avaliable at

Server Launch by crypt3r (January 30 2021)
  • The server have officialy launched. It has been decided that the server is a Creative Freebuild server, with options to play in survival mode. Join today! The IP is

Advertising by crypt3r (January 4 2021)
  • To keep the minecraft server and website running, some advertisements has been added to the website. These ads have a red box around them to make it clear that it is an advertisement. If you don't like these ads, use an ad-blocker. A way to opt-out of all advertisements will be available soon.

New logo! by crypt3r (December 27 2020)
  • A new logo for the minecraft server has been created. It is the same as the old logo, just more modern. You can find the old and new logo on the wiki.

Welcome to NorHood! by crypt3r (December 26 2020)
  • NorHood is an old server from 2012, that was discontinued in 2014, and relaunched early 2016. It was closed down again late 2016 and has been offline ever since. This year, in december 2020, it has been re-launched. The server is up for public, but lack many features that will be added in january and february of 2021.

    You can take a look at the server map here.

    The server is currently whitelisted, but will open soon.

Server update 4th May 2015 by gorgonsteel (5/4/2015)
  • [gorgonsteel]: I am currently working on the forums to make them fast and easy to use. We are accepting applications and can be done here:

    I am also adding CloudFlare to make the server as fast as possible!

    For the server, cloud backup is finaly done! It will constantly upload all files to the server so nothing will be lost if the server crash!

Server update 3th May 2015 by gorgonsteel (5/3/2015)
  • [gorgonsteel]: I have been working hard on the server the last few days to fix bugs and make the server even better than ever before. We have a lot of plugins that works perfectly with each others.

    Here is a list of features I have added:

    Nicknames! Yep thats right, we will allow everyone to have nicknames as soon as the server releases. Nicknames will probably cost between $5000 and $10 000 ingame money to get a nick name and change it. You will get $2000 every time you vote for us, so it isnt that much.

    Automatic world saving and backup! We will save the server every 10 minutes to make sure that you wont loose your stuff if the server crash. We will also set up automatic backup to the cloud every hour in case of a hard drive fail or a fatal crash.

    Refound policy! All transactions are final, and refounds will lead to a permanent ban.

    Factions! We will have factions on the survival server to make it cooler than normal survival. It cost $200 ingame money to create a faction.

    Multiple Inventories! You will now have different inventories for each world so you wont be able to move your stuff between creative and survival.

    Marriage! Yep, you can now marry another player! This is just for fun! Kissing and gifts does not currently work.

    Here are a few screenshots: